• Carly Nunes Belo

Astrology: The Myths Debunked

"Who cares about astrology?"

"Is it even a real thing?"

"I don’t believe in horoscopes"

Well, me neither sis.

I do, however, credit astrology with being an all-encompassing metaphysical subject.

It isn’t just a trend that has popped up on your snapchat recently, it was thriving in the 18th century BC...and that’s a loooooong time! Astrology isn't anything new and yet it still has influence today!

All of this had me way too curious and, about 4 years ago, I decided to find out more.

So here I am to tell you what I learnt...

Myth: You are what your star represents to a T.

It is a very common feeling to not be able to relate to your star sign completely!

In fact, the majority of people I know mainly identify with other personal placements in their birth charts that have a greater influence over their lives. Your star sign (or as called in astrology - Sun Sign) actually represents less than 10% of your complete birth chart...which I like to think of as my personal map of the stars.

Expecting to be defined by your Sun Sign is like opening a book and only reading the first word of each page - you'll never get the full picture!

That’s why I can’t stand star sign profiles and horoscopes that are filled with stereotypical traits that are awfully misleading and quite toxic.

So, no...Scorpios are not devil incarnates and Geminis aren’t always two-faced. They actually both share a great potential of emotional and logical intelligence. In fact, all signs possess a particular type of intelligence! Like a natural flair!

This is divided and shared between...

elements of Water, Earth, Fire and Air.

Water signs tend to be more receptive to emotional stimuli. They will usually be drawn to a greater emotional awareness.

Earth signs demonstrate a more practical intelligence, like a flawless common sense; they just get it.

Fire signs, however, are led by an intuitive intelligence which Earth signs perceive to be impractical due to the intangibility of fire sign hunches and gut feelings. They live to be inspired and accomplish their goals.

Air signs apply more logic and reason to their ways of thinking. They are fast thinking and articulate. They tend to be great communicators and conversationalists.

So, considering we all have some degree of each particular element influencing our birth chart we cannot just be reduced to one placement of the bigger picture!

We all, to some degree of accuracy, have to consider all the factors that appear in our detailed charts.

Myth: Astrology cannot coexist with a belief in God.

While it is true that Astrology can be used to forecast or predict future events, it is important to consider that we all have free will. I am a Christian and the Bible makes very clear its stance on divination - which refers to trying to predict the future or finding another source of knowledge outside of God. Which, personally, I think is impossible by the way!…

To me, Astrology is a resource and it should be used as such. Like a tool! Sciences like psychology (pretty much all sciences if we’re being real) where once deemed immoral or sinful; even illegal.

If like me, you are a person that believes in God, it's key to understand that Astrology could not possibly measure up to the power that we believe God is. It is man-made so it only has as much power as we give it and not the other way around! Astrology is not the devil’s science: that gives him way too much credit than he deserves.

Many use astrology as a means to understand how they can accomplish fulfilment, find purpose or master a certain area of their life. Astrology, to me, has been a doorway into not only validating a lot of things I know about myself, but exposing and materialising certain tendencies that I didn’t realise I was battling with.

Astrology is like a symbolic dance with each planet and every contributing element coming together to display a choreography of how we embody and manifest energy that we create, receive or give...

our Birth Chart.

Myth: We love Astrology because we hate accountability.

Astrology gets a bad rep as some fatalistic belief system that completely delineates one’s character and circumstances. This could not be further from the truth.

Astrology is meant to empower our gift to choose...not to take it away!

I hate mainstream media and its reductive portrayals, but we move.

We must remind ourselves that we were created as individuals who exercise free will on a daily basis. Astrology should not contradict that!

Unfortunately, due to the way it has been trivialised, many people do not realise the falsehood of what they think they know about Astrology. Astrology is meant to reflect the intricacies of our experiences, our innate gifts and our strengths. It makes clear that our family influences and personality traits are shaped by our environment. It pushes us toward taking accountability!

You can study your birth chart to identify the areas you naturally shine in, those that you may struggle with and anything in-between.

This all leaves the power up to you to decide what is true to YOU.

Take advantage of what Astrology has to offer and you may have just found your secret weapon.


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