• Crystal Ampofo

Black Lives Matter - Everywhere!

As we become more aware of the horrible mistreatment of the peoples of Nigeria, Congo, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and more...

...it is fair to say that localities should not matter in our activism - just because it happens far away from us, does not mean that we should not care.

The focus of the BLM movement was to combat the injustice surrounding the deaths of innocent African Americans and attack the institutional mistreatment of Black men and women in the Western world. To bring awareness to these callous deaths at the hands of police brutality and the anguish of Black people being treated as second class citizens, never warranted of their full human rights.

In the same way, women in Namibia are protesting for the right of life.

In the same way, men, women, and children are being raped, killed and enslaved to mine in Congo so that Western companies can benefit from the critical mineral coltan that makes up our iPhones and laptops.

In the same way, thousands of Nigerians are losing their lives to police brutality for simply having the newest phone, wearing designer clothes, having tattoos or dreadlocks, or refusing to be extorted for a bribe.

To say Black Lives Matter in relation to this is justified. Genocide, exploitation, femicide and police brutality demand global outrage, no matter where they are happening.

It’s fair to say that the colonial structures of protecting and propping up the elite and their corrupt systems still grip the ideological frameworks of many countries. We see it in the corruption, economic mismanagement, and overall careless attitude of governments toward their citizens.

African voices are finally being heard - and this momentum cannot be lost. Our brothers and sisters have lost so much and we need to stand with them.

For those who form a part of the African Diaspora, the courage and confidence our people have shown in standing against their oppressors has sparked a fighting spirit - a spirit which for many of us had been dimmed by the comfort of our Western living.

It remains imperative that we continue to show support to those suffering blatant abuses of power, no matter who we are or how we live.

So how do we do express solidarity and support from a distance?

  1. Never stop spreading awareness: simple retweets, reposts and shares help amplify the voices of those on the frontlines.

  2. Educate: staying informed and sharing with others puts you and the people around you in a stronger position to fight for the cause.

  3. Attend a protest: make yourself heard.

  4. Email your MP: demand your MP addresses these heinous acts - it is more effective than you think. For example, in the case of Nigeria, the UK government provides funding which is injected into SARS.

  5. Donate: your donation gives front-line support to protestors and survivors.

Here are a few useful links we have put together:

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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Martin Luther King.



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