Girl, When You Hear This...RUN

Dating in 2020 is a crazy game. Do any of us even understand the rules anymore?

How long is the talking stage supposed to last? At what point are we even dating? When is it no longer too soon to question where the hell things are going? CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN?

Well, the team at UNAPOLOGETIC have put our heads together to create a list of the most obviously obvious red flags. You might recognise yourself in some of these because the reality is, as a collective, as women - we've all encountered them.

So get your popcorn, sit tight and read on...

1) 'Let's just go with the flow'

Sometimes, things work out.

You go with the flow and you end up married with three kids and a golden retriever.

The reality is, that's the exception not the rule - the rule is he's probably wasting your time.

You, my good sis, should not be handing out girlfriend privileges for a man who doesn't offer you the common courtesy of a title.

2) 'I'm married to the money'

He's too busy for socials, too busy to see you - he's all about getting his bread up.

Meanwhile, his account balance? -£2.50.

So I guess you're paying for the Nando's again sis.

3) 'Nah, it's not even like that you know'

I hate to break it to you - it really is like that!

You've caught him in a lie, you've pointed it out and now he's telling you you're the one misunderstanding?

One thing, we'll tell you for free...certain men will jump through hoops to prove a lie.

We're not here to tell you why he's lying...we're here to tell you to save yourself before it's too late!

4) 'You up? - 02:30am'

Girl, let's keep it real...he's not looking for stimulating conversation.

Issa booty call, sorry.

5) 'Nah babe, that's sis...she's family'

Don't misunderstand us...your man has every right to have girl friends.

But if that little girl friend of his gives you the stank eye...she's not sis.

When every girl he knows is his cousin, his sis, his family...there is a very clear problem.

Sometimes learn to leave the people that belong on the streets, on the streets.

6) 'Don't let your friends get into your head '

This is a toxic man's favourite line.

It's too easy to be blinded by love. Your friends, who don't feel this same emotional connection, will try to plant reason and logic into your head. Please listen.

*Disclaimer: We're assuming you have good judgement in friends.

7) 'You're buggingggg'

Have you ever known in your gut something was wrong?

But you ask and he makes your doubt your own sanity?

Same girl.

9 times out of 10 - you're not bugging.

8) 'He's different with you' - his best friend

Let's get one thing clear...

Your man's friends are not your friends.

PLEASE, learn from our mistakes...they'll be telling you he's never felt like this before, he's serious about you, you've changed him...

All the while, they'll be encouraging and covering up his cheating.

Never believe them baby; their main priority will always be their boy's best interests.

9) 'My ex was crazy'

Firstly, nobody's born crazy.

If he's telling you about his crazy ex, he probably drove her ass crazy.

If he's telling you about his multiple crazy exes...he's the common denominator.

You know, I know, we know...she's probably not as crazy as he's making her out to be.

At the end of the day, all we're saying is...he's the problem.

10) 'Wdym?'

So you've decided to let him know about himself. You spent the whole day like this...

Drafting your perfect paragraph, sending it to your girls' group-chat, redrafting. Making it so simple and clear that even a 7-year-old would understand exactly what you're talking about.

Tell me why his genius response is 'wdym'? As in four letters. As in you didn't even get a full word.

Now you're staring at your phone in confusion. You're angrier than when you decided to write the paragraph. SIS, RUN.

It's natural to let love and care blind you to red flags.

We understand. We've been there.

Let's find joy in the madness together.


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