• Lorraine Ampofo

How Do I Stop Supporting Fast Fashion?

When it comes to fast fashion, I have always been conflicted; I know that’s a horrible stance to have on it and I do feel terrible about it...

I try to be a good citizen of the world and want to do my part in ending the exploitation of garment workers across the world. I also know the devastating effect that fast fashion has on the environment and global warming...but where can I really shop?

Like most people, I enjoy the art of getting dressed (9 out of 10 times that is the best part of going out)...but going shopping is a task I always dread. I find shopping difficult; I can never find my size, or “my size” is not really my size and so I have to size up; and I often feel like most brands don’t really consider the many contours and variations in body types.

The main reasons why I feel so conflicted when it comes to slow fashion brands is sizing and pricing.

I have bigger boobs than most girls I know, and it’s a BIG issue when it comes to shopping; my boobs are either hanging out or being compressed. Most fast fashion brands are crap when it comes to catering for girls with big boobs and they are supposed to be “inclusive” in their sizing. When I have looked to buy from slow fashion brands, I almost always think "well, that’s not going to fit my boobs".

I get it, slow fashion brands usually come from smaller companies, who don’t have the infrastructure to have “extended” sizing options...but I, and probably so many others, feel left out.

This isn’t always the case, sometimes I will find a brand that does cater to me, but their pricing is sometimes double or triple the price.

As much I understand eco friendly clothes are going to be much more expensive, I also have to be kind to my purse. I will not drown for the drip.

So, what options do I have?

The problem with fast fashion is that it’s everywhere; most of your favourite brands are considered to be fast fashion brands and most people we look to for fashion tips are wearing fast fashion. So, what do I do? How do I stop supporting fast fashion? Can I stop supporting fast fashion?

For me, it will be hard to stop wearing fast fashion completely just because there aren’t many alternatives that can cater for me. Even though I am ashamed to say I can’t quit, I have promised myself to be more conscious when shopping; buying quality clothing, buying less and loving every time I buy.


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