• Jayda Etienne

I Just Got Tinder...Now What?

I must admit, I’m a bit late to the whole online dating thing. But lockdown has forced us all to adapt and try things we haven’t before, so I thought...why not?

I’ve heard all the Tinder horror stories about bad dates, cringey pick-up lines, weird messages, and crazy stalkers...which have always put me off from signing up.

As a Black Woman I was especially hesitant as research suggests that Black Women are at a disadvantage on dating sites like tinder and tend to receive fewer swipes and more abuse than white women.

But I’ve been pleasantly surprised! No weird messages as of yet; a few cringey pick-up lines, but that’s to be expected from Tinder. So, if you’re thinking about signing up, here’s some advice on how to get started and what to expect…

Choosing Your Tinder Pic!

The most important aspect of Tinder is choosing the right pictures, because it’s most likely that people swipe before reading your bio. On advice from friends who already had Tinder profiles, I chose to go with a few selfies and one full body picture...

Be Picky...But Not Too Picky

I’m picky in general when it comes to guys and dating, however I did go a tad overboard when I first started swiping...You can’t say no to everyone and expect to find someone!


Expect a lot of attention.

When I first signed on, my Tinder instantly blew up with likes - which was a major ego boost, but also a bit overwhelming as I had no idea what the likes and super likes meant. So maybe have a friend around who’s already familiar with Tinder to keep you calm and stop you from accidentally upgrading to Tinder gold!

Have Fun With It

One of the main reasons that prevented me from getting Tinder and online dating in general was fear. Dating is hard enough as it is, and I’ve found that it’s always easier to tell if someone likes you in person as opposed to through a screen. But Tinder really isn’t that scary. It can actually be quite fun if you match with people who are funny or easy to talk to. It’s as serious as you make it, the worst thing that can happen is they don’t reply.

Plus it’s much easier to block someone online than it is in person!

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