• Natene Erumi

Let's Talk About Wiley...

Late last week, grime artist and producer Wiley, made a string of anti-Semitic Tweets which included a comparison of the Jewish community to the Klu Klux Klan. His comments have since been widely criticised and the consequence of his Tweets has been the opening up of a large discussion about what seems to be tolerated and what does not.

DISCLAIMER: In no way do we here at UNAPOLOGETIC condone Wiley’s comments, nor do we support any form of anti-Semitism.

As a result of his Tweets, Wiley has been removed and banned from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Not to mention, his official YouTube channel has been taken down for ‘repeated violations’. To me, these sanctions following Wiley’s tweets are very telling...

It is very telling of what is tolerated and what is not.

I personally believe that Wiley has to face consequences for his ignorant, offensive comments.

However, it's also abundantly clear that the same energy is not kept when it comes to anti-Blackness or Islamophobia.

If Wiley’s social media platforms can all be removed within a matter of days then why can’t those who so confidently spread anti-Blackness and other forms of hate speech also be removed? Why does Katie Hopkins still have an active YouTube channel? Additionally, popular YouTube gamer PewDiePie managed to sign a whole deal with YouTube, despite his history of hateful comments.

People are angry and confused because it looks like insulting and ignorant comments are ‘okay’...just as long as they are anti-Black, Islamophobic or Xenophobic.

This situation also reiterates that Black people are not cared about. Not today, not yesterday and especially not in Britain.

It was only last week that an offensive racial slur was said very boldly on BBC news; the BBC later defended their use of the n-word.

Disappointing? Yes. Surprised? No.

(see: https://www.bbc.co.uk/contact/complaint/pointswestbbcnewschannel0720 )

What Wiley said was very wrong, ignorant and uncalled for...but the lack of consistency is concerning.

The persecution of Wiley just doesn’t sit right with me when I know there are others who are so comfortable spreading their racism and anti-Blackness with no fears of facing similar or any repercussions.

It’s as if there is one rule for some and another for the rest.

Dare I say...Wiley is not just being punished, but they are making an example out of him because he is Black. The punishment should be enforced in the same way for ALL racists, not just one.

Until anti-Blackness and racism towards Black people is met with the same urgency as Wiley’s anti-Semitism, I’ll wait.


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