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Music: The Palette To Your Masterpiece

I’m a firm believer that music is the most powerful thing in the world.

It’s one thing to hear beautiful lyrics, melodies or symphonies...but when you feel a personal connection to a song or an artist it makes the experiences so much more powerful. Colourful even.

It feels like every note or chord played are colours being added to complete a painting...and the final masterpiece is beautiful.

I think this is called synesthesia? When one sense, such as sound is simultaneously interpreted as another sense, such as sight. I don’t know about you, but that seems special.

Music brings people together, it educates, it motivates. It conveys messages that may not be able to be expressed in words. Sometimes it’s not even the lyrics that you connect with, but it could be that one chord progression that lights up something inside of you.

You ever heard a song or even an instrumental that is so enchanting that it makes you feel a sense of nervousness and comfort at the same time? It’s almost like positive anxiety because when you hear it, it confirms everything you’ve ever felt or want to feel.

Now it might be the GCSE music student in me that clings onto the very limited AQA exam board knowledge that I have, but when I hear a song or beat, I really analyse the layers of the music.

I want to feel whatever the artist/producer or composer was feeling and understand.

Now when I say layers, I mean from the lyrics to the synths that add to the depth of the base chords. I’m really talking as if I’m a musical prodigy- I’m not - BUT, that’s how music makes me feel...like I’m unpacking a completely new understanding of everything. It’ll make me manoeuvre through life in a completely different way.

I can’t be the only one who’s listened to a song and in their head they are re-enacting a music video or movie scene. I’ll be walking down the street pulling the Debby Ryan face.

Here’s me thinking I look like a member of Destiny’s Child in Bills, Bills, Bills whilst trying to style out some 2011 Justin Bieber moves like he did in the song Somebody to Love. I’m Urrr-Sher baby reincarnated.

Anyone else?

Anyway...here are my top 3 songs right now that bring a little bit of colour to my life and make me feel like a masterpiece in a painting.

Disclaimer: I’m an RnB/Neo Soul stan so it might seem a little bit in your feels, but I love it so much it doesn’t even be affecting like that anymore, I can listen to it and feel good!

Make the Most - Lonr. ft H.E.R

Lonr. is a new artist but he’s BEEN a part of some amazing projects.

Remember H.E.R’s first two albums? He was a co-writer on them, and he’s helped on her other projects since then too.

He has recently released an EP called Land of Nothing Real, my favourites are Make the Most, Jump and Safe Zone - take a listen, it’s definitely worth it if you like a trappy RNB with a little bit of sombre.

H.E.R. - I don’t need to go into depth when it comes to Miss Gabriella Wilson, if you haven’t heard of her, now you have, so go and stream!

Now this is quite a new song, it’s literally about making the most of life because it’s so short. Anything you want, just go for it.

Bad Religion - Frank Ocean

Now, Channel Orange is arguably one of the BEST projects Frank has put out (sorry not sorry, you Blonde merchants can cry in a corner).

Bad Religion was the song where Frank explicitly came out to the public; it's such a beautiful song because of its honesty. It’s almost like a spoken word piece with a minimal instrumental playing in the background, but it’s sung instead.

Frank is my favourite artist of all time, but we can talk about him another day because I truly won’t stop if I start.

One - Cleo Sol

Miss Cleo is a beautiful British artist who is of a Jamaican and Spanish descent - which you can really hear in her music. One of her biggest songs is called Why Don’t You, which you may or may not have seen on the COLOURS show on YouTube.

If not, they have a bunch of artists come and perform their songs in a very chill and minimal way all the time, it’s amazing.

This particular song I love because when I listen to it, it’s almost like it transports me to a utopia, a dystopia? Just another universe and it reinforces the battles that we as humans face everyday, whether it’s anxiety or societal pressure.

We all are going through different things but we are one at the end of the day. It's such a new age orchestral feel, it’s mesmerising.

Here is just an insight into the record store in my head! I hope you feel what I feel and more if you listen to it.

What are your favourite songs? How does music make you feel? If you want me to do any more music reviews or make playlists and upload them here, let me know! Also if there is music you would like to hear my take on, also let me know!


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