• Lorraine Ampofo

Self-Care Sunday

The term “Self-Care Sunday” has been around since the beginning of time... probably, maybe, most likely.

Even if it hasn’t, I’m so glad that we have it now.

Popularised in recent times by screen “besties” Issa and Molly on the show Insecure (one of my favourite favourite shows, check out UNAPOLOGETIC's run down of Season 4 on IGTV)...with the current state of the world there is no better time to encourage self-care.

Personally, I believe self-care should not be reserved for just one day at the end of the week - it should be part of everyday life!

I make it my mission to take some time out each day to do something to care for my mind, body, and soul. Do things as my good gal pal Marie Kondo would say to “Spark Joy”.

Caring for yourself should and can be reflected in 6 ways; emotional, intellectual, physical, sensory, social and spiritual.


Do not bottle up your feelings and thoughts find a way to let them out.

I find journaling to be safe space to voice out any frustration and anxiety; it also gives me a better understanding of myself. I also really love using positive affirmations, I always feel 10 times stronger after saying them.


Nourish your mind and expand your knowledge.

Build on the skills you already have or learn something new.

From reading or watching a documentary, as they say...knowledge is power. The ultimate life challenge is to become a better version of you.


From dancing in your bedroom like nobody is watching to going for a walk...

All forms of exercise have a positive impact on all aspects of health.

Over lockdown I have mastered the skill of running and now, I always feel refreshed after my runs.


Tantalising your 5 senses can be the source of so much joy. Eating my favourite food or listening to my favourite album instantly changes and lifts my mood.


It’s within our nature is to be social and seek connections with other human beings.

Talking and laughing with your family and friends promote positive feelings.


Spiritual self-care for me involves my faith and relationship in God. Taking the time out to pray or to attend church always cleanses me from any worries. Other ways you can practice spiritual self-care are by giving back to your community and doing your part in this world.

It is very important to say that the above tips or tricks in this post are in no way a replacement for medical advice or treatment. Your mental health is everything and you should always speak to a professional if you feel that you are struggling.

Ultimately with self-care we go beyond just existing to actually living.


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