Spotlight On: Illimité UK

Upon talking to Esther, the founder of Illimité UK, it is clear to us that she is a woman of faith and family – and this is reflected in her brand values.

Illimité UK, her beauty brand specialising in false strip lashes, was born out of Esther’s entrepreneurial spirit and business background which blossomed throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.

Her beautiful and unique business name was inspired by her appreciation of the French language - she fondly expresses how she was drawn to the word 'limitless', and the word in French provided the perfect name for her brand new beauty business.

Illimité UK is exactly that - limitless.

It is a foretelling of future expansion and success and it describes exactly how Esther aims to make each of her customers feel.

What Empowered You To Start Your Business?

During lockdown, Esther felt a strong desire to pick something up that she truly cared about and had interest in - she wanted to gradually enjoy her new venture and carry it well into her future.

She was drawn to beauty - despite being told the market was oversaturated, she knew she could add her own personal spin and make her brand unique to her.

Illimité UK is Esther's niche - her own sector where she aims to make women feel limitless, beautiful and powerful.

Esther has built a strong foundation in business knowledge throughout her time in education. She speaks favourably of this experience as she says it was a strong step forward in both establishing and building a brand; where things were new, she had the knowledge so that they were not daunting.

Her main focus was not only having a strong start - but having the business acumen to maintain her brand. Having prior knowledge gave her the edge she needed to continue on and build a truly personal brand - Illimité UK.

"I'm not doing this to get money and dip - I want my customers to get an experience out of my brand and actually enjoy the product. I want my customers to feel limitless - and that goes into everything I do, from customer services to packaging."


Her dedication to give her customers true superstar treatment separates her from other businesses and makes her brand truly limitless.

How Did You Turn Your Business Vision Into A Reality?

“A lot of my planning came with God. I couldn’t have left Him out of this whole process. He was the main inspiration – from giving me vision in regard to the colours I wanted to use to praying and praying for the right vendors. I drafted every step with Him. Every major decision I had to make, I always consulted Him because I didn’t want to do anything in my own strength. When you move away from the corridor He places you in, you move away from what He has in store for you and you sell yourself short."


Clearly, Esther is a woman of faith and she has placed God at the very centre of her process thus far. Illimité UK is built on this foundation, and the love behind the brand pours out into every area of her business.

What Are Your Hopes For The Future?

"Where do I want Illimité to go? We gotta go global!"


Esther explains to us that she is taking each day as it comes - if she feels that God is guiding her into new territory in terms of product development or even shipping expansion then she will go forward. Her next step, if she gets the go-ahead, is international shipping!

"I want to see my brand with the best of them. I want to see us in Superdrug, next to Eyelure...by God's grace!"


Advice To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

No market is too oversaturated. Esther emphasises this - she tells us that if God leads you somewhere, you should follow! If you are drawn to something, then go for it! Things might look small at first, but she stands by the promises of these Bible verses...

“And though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would greatly increase...”

Job 8:7

“May the Lord cause you to flourish, both you and your children."

Psalms‬ ‭115:14

Esther reminds us to ask important questions - who do you see yourself selling to? Who do you see yourself influencing? Never forget the importance of networking - get to know people and never judge them by their exteriors.

"Time is not running out so don't start something just because everyone else is hustling! Make sure you love what you do. Treat people like you want to be treated - even as a customer. Incorporate this into your brand and execute it to your customers."


When we last spoke to Esther, it had been a week since her launch - and she was overwhelmed and full of joy. She gave all the glory to God. Her business grows day by day, and having bought her lashes - we thoroughly recommend!

insta: @illimiteuk

web: www.illimiteuk.co.uk


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