Spotlight On: VP Royals

VP Royals is a brand owned by three inspirational Black Women, who believed in their dream of creating a line of chemical-free organic hair products...

Vânia, Paula and Maria Dulce grew tired and frustrated of purchasing ‘natural’ products that were actually ridden with chemicals and repeatedly stripped the moisture of their hair, damaged their curls, and had detrimental effects to their general health.

Well, they didn’t just settle for mediocrity!

They decided to produce their very own line of high quality haircare products…VP ROYALS.

Who Are VP Royals?

With a powerful idea, must come a powerful name…Very Powerful Royals!

A celebration of Black hair which defies gravity, growing upwards and resembling a crown - VP Royals is all about empowering the whole family to look and feel confident.

With an all-natural recipe, entirely chemical free it can be used by babies and grandmas alike.

Turning Their Vision Into A Reality

The VP Royals formula is one that has been tried and tested. Before releasing their products to the general public, Vânia, Paula and Maria Dulce spent a year perfecting their recipe by trying and testing on their own hair. They dedicated this time to researching the science behind healthy curly hair in order to incorporate the highest quality, nourishing ingredients.

A year later, with a formula they could be proud of, they each invested only £50 towards the launch of their business. Creating samples, handing them out to family and friends and taking note of feedback. Eventually, through reinvesting the money received from samples, they grew VP Royals into the successful business it is today.

It’s with a cocktail of nostalgia and humour that Paula reminisces how it was not long ago that their packaging was made up of cheap, homemade labels printed and edited from a laptop. Now, VP Royals is a business that runs itself; the focus is now expansion and producing new, innovative products for their customers.

However, all journeys have their obstacles and the ladies at VP Royals share theirs with us…

“We are not where we want to be just yet, it’s hard to run a business as three Black Women. There are many challenges that come with taking a step toward entrepreneurship. It’s difficult to get out there and be seen. Some people expect us to sell our products at a cheap price because they just don’t understand the importance/benefits of all natural and organic hair products.”

The Black Lives Matter movement has been beneficial in propelling us into an era where we are all taking strides to shop at Black-owned businesses; VP Royals sales have boosted as a result, and hopefully, will continue to do so as we all come together to empower homegrown talent and uplift our communities.

The next step for VP Royals is to put their products into a store, as their sales are primarily online at the moment. Their desire is to make their brand more accessible, but they won’t put their products in just any store...

They want to partner with a store that actually represents them…where their customers can interact and ask questions to customer assistants who know and understand their hair types.

They want their products thoroughly explained; the vision is to make receiving recommendations, positive feedback and advice on how to use VP Royals products an attainable reality.

VP Royals: Advice To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

There really is no limit apart from the limit you put on yourself.

Believe in yourself and believe in your passions. Don’t look at the glass as half-empty, but always as half-full. So, start with what you have! A lot of people say they don’t have the finances to make their dream happen – but remember, VP Royals started with a limited budget. Together, Vânia, Paula and Maria Dulce set aside only £150 to launch their business.

Work with what you have and if it’s meant for you…it will work out. You will meet the right people and make the right connections.

And most importantly…really do the research about your passion. Learn your craft inside and out. Know your competitors and learn from their mistakes so that you can do better – and learn from your own! It’s inevitable to get things wrong along the way. The best things are perfected through trial and error.

We highly recommend VP Royals to all you curly haired Queens!

Remember to always take care of your crown.




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