• Lorraine Ampofo

The Make-Up Must Haves You Need!

Buying new make-up products, is an extreme sport; unless you are buying because of a recommendation, you are entering uncharted territory (be prepared for disaster).

I rarely buy anything new; I am committed to almost every make-up product I own. Once I find a product I love, I will buy it over and over again; until it’s (God forbid!) discontinued.

My beauty favourites are linked to what matters most to me when it comes to make-up; brows, skin, lashes and longevity.


Eyebrows on fleek! In my eyes those who can consistently give you a fleeky brow are actual superheroes. I am still learning the art of the brow, but right now Revolution’s Precise Brow Pencil is the best eyebrow pencil I have used in a long long time.

One thing, I wish I had learnt earlier when it comes to doing my eyebrows is that using soft strokes rather than harsh lines provides a much better end result!


When it comes to skin and foundation, I want the closest match and the most flawless coverage.

What foundation should do, in my opinion, is to look like skin but better. I have tried a few foundations, but nothing has come close to the match and finish of Pro Filt’r by Fenty Beauty. I receive so many compliments on my “skin” when I wear this foundation.


DUO lash glue. That’s it. The best. The only lash glue I will ever buy.


Longevity when it comes to make up, is very hard to achieve; but it’s something I crave the most.

As an Event Coordinator on 12 plus hour event days, my make-up cannot move an inch. Prepping and setting my face goes a long way when it comes to long lasting make-up.

Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray is a dream come true for me, my make-up stays intact.

I don’t think I could do my make-up and be happy with it without these products.

What beauty product won’t you do your make-up without?


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