Twitter Reflections: Nicki Minaj, Pregnancy and Black Motherhood

It’s a beautiful day on the Twitter timeline!

Nicki Minaj has announced her pregnancy and we’re all overjoyed and happy to hear it. After years of watching her grow into the artist she is today, the Barbs and goodhearted well-wishers are full of congratulations and endearing messages.

Well…maybe not Meek Mill.

But the rest of us are celebrating life, motherhood and new life

Sadly, it has also served as a difficult reminder of the challenges that come with Black motherhood. It’s disturbing to note how many of the tweets congratulating Nicki, are actually centred around praying for the safety of her and her child. An especially heart-breaking sentiment after the unfortunate death of pregnant You-Tuber Nicole Thea.

The narrative highlights a stark reality; that for Black Women, pregnancy can be a terrifying notion. Black mothers are disproportionately affected by pregnancy and childbirth related deaths in both the UK and the US...and it all comes down to racism.

In the UK, a report found that Black mothers are five times more likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth than white mothers. It's terrifying to think that Black lives are disproportionately at risk even prior to birth...

Why does this happen? We'll give you a breakdown of a few of the contributing reasons...


Black Women face both gender and racial discrimination - an experience summarised through the term misogynoir...

Misogynoir means that Black Women are defeminised and perceived as somehow 'stronger' - the fragility of femininity is reserved for white womanhood.

This attitude and perception of Black Womanhood bleeds into medical institutions and influences how white doctors and nurses view Black Women's pain...


Medicine has historically viewed Black pain as less urgent. From myths about 'stronger skin' to associations with 'inhuman' strength...

Many medical attitudes to Black health needs are outdated and urgently need re-evaluation.

Lives are at risk if medicine does not become a more inclusive space.


Racial gaslighting occurs when Black Women express their pain, their frustration and their outrage at racially biased medical systems...

...and are told they are exaggerating.

If Black Women were listened to, lives would be saved.

Black Women should not have to be afraid of bringing life into the world. Black Women should not have to fear for their lives during childbirth. We should be able to celebrate news like Nicki's pregnancy with joy and not with apprehension...

Black Lives Need To Matter. In Every Way.

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackWomenMatter


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