• Valentina Morales Meneses

What We All Knew When They Stormed The Capitol Building

Wednesday's events on Capitol Hill were more than revelatory for many.

Even more eerily, most of us already knew.

After months of peacefully protesting against the deaths of Black men and women not only in police custody, but also just in everyday interactions with police – yesterday, we witnessed US police pander to violent white rioters who were quite literally looting a historical government building filled with states-people.

Treatment that George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain and many others like them were not afforded. For them, an encounter with law enforcement resulted in their murders.

Meanwhile, white rioters filmed livestreams and took selfies with armed police. In all comfortability and the peaceful knowledge that they were in ‘their’ house. A stark contrast to the Black activists who in an unprecedented act of courage took to the streets to protest their right to live. To those who left their houses to fight for their brothers and sisters, not knowing whether they would later return or be killed at the hands of a trigger-happy, badge-wearing thug.

Now we know…that when Trumpists vandalise a parliamentary building, throw the American flag to the ground and replace it with their own, build wooden gallows in a clear act of intimidation – they are peacefully escorted out of the place where they quite literally just tried to stage a f*cking coup.

Terrorists. Treated like children on a field trip.

This is a disgrace not only to America but to complicit countries - to Britain, to the West...

...to lands built on systems that allow such inequalities to thrive.

Systems that allow Black people to live in fear of their governments, and white people to exist in the sheer comfortability that the law will cater to their every whim ...

...even if that whim is an undemocratic act of terrorism.


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