'Why Dating Sucks!: Dating In Generation Z'?

Is it just us...or is dating much more complicated in this day and age? It’s one very messy cocktail of reading in-between the lines - or texts - and second guessing intentions. It feels like a whole different playing field to the one our parents and grandparents tell us about.

Let’s break down the 21st century dating scene…

1) 'My Love Don't Cost A Thing...Right?'

It seems that the biggest proclamation of love is the hotel room full of balloons and Selfridges bags with roses scattered all over. Or a baecation in Bali...maybe even both! It’s clear that the date nights, and the gifts can make the heart swoon...

It brings on a key question...do you need money to be in a relationship?

Back in the day, you could get away with spending £40 on a whole date...but that was back in the day. Love is more expensive now.

2) Ghosting

We are all guilty here. Let’s be honest - we aren’t feeling a person and so we hope that by airing them out every few hours, they’ll get the message. If they don’t, a full on ghost is always an option.

Because God forbid we tell the truth and just simply say “sorry, I’m just not that into you”.

3) The 'What Are We?!’ Stage-

What was known as 'courting' back in the day is now 'talking' or 'doing a ting'. The only issue is that courting normally led to the ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ stage.

In this day and age, 'talking' is dating without ‘dating’. It’s the grey area - where we are partners, without the title all in the name of taking it slow... yet we are plagued with questions: Am I wasting my time? Does this person have good intentions? Where is this going?!


4) 'Alexa, Play 'Jaded' By Drake'

Being disappointed and heartbroken by relationships is never a good experience - so some of us become cynical or a product of other people's relationship disappointments that we’ve projected onto ourselves. We prefer being guarded throughout our relationships, keeping partners at arm’s length rather than letting them in.  Or never letting them in the first place...

Jaded - you can't be disappointed by a relationship because you aren’t really a fan of love in the first place!

5) Why Are Entanglements Attractive To Us?

‘I’m not tryna put all my eggs in one basket’

Everybody has commitment issues now-a-days! Even if it's just a little...we don’t want to risk giving our all to someone in case it fails, so instead, we put our eggs in multiple baskets.

I mean #powertothep***y right?

Nobody wants to say no to the benefits of a relationship with zero relationship drama.

Well...sometimes entanglements just don’t work. Catching feelings is always a risk… so be aware that even if you work hard to avoid the love bug - you might still catch it!

You might wake up in love with one of your baskets when all your other baskets are in love with you.

Emotion overload! Might need to bring yourself to the Red Table.

6) The Game Of Chess

Dating is done so strategically in this day and age; every move is carefully planned out… like a game of chess.

You really like this guy so you don't respond right away, because he can’t actually know how much you like him because then you’ll look desperate. He is taking way too long to respond to your message so now you must post a snap of yourself looking sweet…now he still hasn’t responded! He viewed your story and didn’t swipe up? In the bin he goes.

Your last move comes down to snapping that watch so he knows you’re on a date...check mate!

But have you really won? Or were you too busy playing the game that you lost your king to a pawn?

To conclude...finding love can suck. It can be exhausting and almost seem not worth the risk from the horror stories we hear.

But truthfully, love is also a risk worth taking...especially for the right one!

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